Architectural Committee

Welcome to the Architectural Committee (ACC)

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is established under the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) to review and approve plans for improvements to homeowner and common area property. The Architectural Committee also has the authority to permit improvements that are at variance with the CC&Rs, so long as they are in basic conformity with general architectural style and overall design of the neighborhood.

Each ACC member brings a slightly different perspective on how the ACC should review and enforce architectural guidelines. It is important that each member understands the full impact of his or her decisions and, given proper guidelines by the Board of Directors, the ACC can be a productive and positive force within any community.

Property Improvement Request Process

To assist you in planning your project, the Architectural Control Committee Rules are found on the Documents web page. If you have questions, please contact us or visit our FAQ.

Please obtain ACC approval before taking an action that would alter your property (this includes major landscaping projects; construction of decks, pools, additions; and staining fences, etc.) Any change to your property is called an “improvement”. The Architectural Control Committee – Improvement Request Form must be completed and submitted through Associa Hill Country to the Architectural Committee (ACC) with a plan showing the design of the improvement for structural changes or building/shed additions. Accocia will acknowledge receipt of your request and forward it to the ACC. The ACC must approve the plan prior to construction of the improvement. The improvement being requested is approved automatically if no response is received from the committee within 30 days of submitting the improvement request form. Once approved, you may commence construction. Article I and II Section 2.01-2.25 of the CC&Rs describes this process in detail.