Rules and Regulations

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For updates and amendments to the ACC Rules and Regulations, please see the Documents page.

Drive Through and Deed Violations

To keep our community safe, clean, and to protect YOUR property values, Associa Hill Country drives through the neighborhood once a month. Most violation reports are unauthorized improvements, general yard maintenance issues, trash cans left on the street for several days after our Monday pick up dates, and a variety of other issues (pet nuisances, trailers parked over 48 hours, fences in need of repair, etc.) that detract from the beauty of our neighborhood. Please remember to obtain approval from the Architectural Control Committee for all structural changes and physical improvements to your property. This approval helps to retain the property values in the neighborhood.

When violations occur, Associa Hill Country will send a letter to the homeowner requesting corrective action. Please remember that Associa and the Board of Directors are acting only in the community’s best interest as prescribed in the Bylaws and Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. If a homeowner feels a violation report is not warranted, contact Associa immediately.

The Board of Directors and Associa Hill Country recognize that there are circumstances that may require an exception to policy. Association members should contact Associa, 512-347-2888, for clarification of policies or exceptions to policy.

If you see something wrong, report it!

Many of our homeowners notice problems that imperil the safety and cleanliness of our neighborhood (i.e.: unleashed pets, trailers blocking traffic lanes). We would hope that as a good neighbor, violations or nuisances would be brought to the offending homeowner’s attention first. The homeowner may not be aware of the problem. However, if a satisfactory remedy is not found, please report problems to Associa, so that the problems can be addressed and fixed quickly. Associa cannot know all that is going on in the neighborhood without our input and feedback from homeowners.

Summary of Fines and Collection Policy

It is unfortunate that fines and fees go along with any association or membership organization. The Association’s dues and assessments are earmarked for specific debts of the Association. When homeowners are unable to pay their fair share, the Association as a whole is caught in the middle and remains liable. We have vendors in need of payment, and your dues and assessments are the only source of income to cover these debts. Membership Dues are considered late fifteen days after the due date. A letter is sent on that 15 th day to any account overdue more than $10. For each month thereafter, a fee of $20 is assessed. After thirty days a demand letter is mailed. After approximately 60 days, the credit bureau is notified, and a collection fee of $60 is charged in addition to the $20 a month late fee. Between 75 and 90 days, Associa files a lien at a cost to the homeowner of approximately $170, in addition to the monthly $20 fees. If no payment is made to clear the account, the account is forwarded to an attorney for processing the foreclosure notice and the posting at an approximate cost of $550.

Summary of Collection Policy:

  • 15 days – and $20 each month account is not cleared.
  • 30 days – a demand letter is sent.
  • 60 days – The credit bureau is contacted – a $60 collection fee is charged in addition to the $20 monthly charge.
  • 75-90 days – A lien is filed at an approximate cost of $175 in addition to the $20 monthly charge. If a payment is not made to clear the account, the account is sent to an attorney for processing the foreclosure notice and posting at an approximate cost of $550.

Deed Violations and Fines

When structural violations are observed or Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval has not been obtained, the ACC will contact the homeowner. If the homeowner and the ACC fail to reach an agreement, the Homeowners Association (HOA) may, at a minimum, file papers with the county indicating the existence of the violation. Naturally, this would only be done when all other avenues of negotiation and compromise have been exhausted. Note that this policy does not prevent the HOA (or any individual property owner) from taking more extensive legal action.

The Board has instituted the following fine policy for Deed Restriction Violations:

  • Two notices will go out without any associated fines.
  • The third notice will include a fine of $25
  • The fourth notice will include a fine of $50
  • The fifth notice will include a fine of $100
  • Subsequent notices will include a fine of increasing increments by $100.00.

Please note that the notices do not have to be consecutive months. For example, if a trash can is left in view during the first drive through in March, and it is in view again during the drive through in June, a fine of $25 will be assessed if the trash can is in view again in September.